Staged Readings

Summer 2016 Awards

Playwrights Award (Full-length)
Dewey Moss, The Crusade of Connor Stephens
Vivian Neuwirth, Mr. Toole
John Adams, In the Shadow of a Dream
Dayle Ann Hunt, Either/Or

Playwrights Award (Musicals)
Lauren Gundrum, Martin Shkreli’s Game
Danielle Smith, From Russia, With Love
Charles Bloom, Insomnia
Bronwyn Rucker, Radon Daughters
Kit Goldstein Grant, The Nose

Playwrights Award (Short Subjects)
Ye-Seong Hong, My Friend is a Shoe Burglar
Anne Pulsipher, Behind the Mask
Rebecca Dzida, The Greatest Performance
Mona Curtis, The Post Modernist
Katie Housley, Midnight on a Monday
Warren Paul-Glover, Ellen & Troy and Eloise Crystal Rae, Lamariya
John Schoneboone, Macintosh…Macintosh and the Dinosaur Salesman

Playwrights Award (Staged Readings)
Chima Chikazunga, 3 the Hard Way
Leo Rockas, Becoming Regent
Marshaline Letcher, Train
Ethan Warren, Why Are You Nowhere?

Outstanding Actress in a Short Subject
Salme Shim, My Friend is a Shoe Burglar
April Woodall, Born Fat
Tania Kass, Midnight on a Monday
Beth Newberry, Ellen and Troy and Eloise
Fleur Alys Dobbins, Between Men

Outstanding Actor in a Short Subject
Brett Temple, The Post Modernist
Daniel Cody, The Museum at Clifton Park
Kelsey McClarnon, Lights
Galway McCullough, Between Men

Outstanding Actress in a Full-Length Play
Kathleen Leask, The Crusade of Connor Stephens
Courtney Bess, Either/Or
Brenda Currin, Mr. Toole
Mimi Bessette, Either/Or

Outstanding Actor in a Full-Length Play
James Kiberd, The Crusade of Connor Stephens
Nick Ryan, In the Shadow of a Dream
Todd D’Amour, Mr. Toole

Outstanding Supporting Actress Full-length
Laura Butler, Mr. Toole
Kathleen Huber, The Crusade of Connor Stephens

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Full-Length Play
Ken Perlstein, Either/Or
James Padric, The Crusade of Connor Stephens
Joseph Rose, Either/Or
Lou Liberatine, Mr. Toole
Ben Curtis, The Crusade of Connor Stephens

Outstanding Leading Actress in a Full-Length Musical
Monique Moses, Martin Shkreli’s Game
Brenda Wilson, Lamariya
Rita Hughes, Lamariya
Samantha Kahn, Furniture the Musical
Lauren Lukacek, Insomnia

Outstanding Leading Actor in a Full-Length Musical
Patrick Swailes Caldwell, Martin Shkreli’s Game
Byron Jacquet, Lamariya
Jesse Manocherian, Insomnia
Dennis Holland, Insomnia

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Full-Length Musical
John Bander, Martin Shkreli’s Game
Zachary Small, From Russia, With Love
John Hall, Lamariya
Chris Brick, Insomnia
James Soller, Glockcoma

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Full-Length Musical
Kelly Nicole Dugan, Martin Shkreli’s Game
Michelle Sanders, Insomnia
Emily Nan Phillips, The House of the Setting Sun
Amber Crawford, Glockcoma

Outstanding Director (Full Length Play)
Dewey Moss, The Crusade of Connor Stephens
Alexander Harrington, In the Shadow of a Dream
Rachel Flynn, Either/Or
Cat Parker, Mr. Toole
Nelson Eusebio, Lam-ang

Outstanding Director (Short Subject)
Seung-il Shin, My Friend is a Shoe Burglar
John Moriarty, Behind the Mask
Hannah T. Wolf, Between Men
Maria Aladren, The Post Modernist
Laurie Rae Waugh, Ellen & Troy & Eloise
Troy Scheid, Lamariya

Outstanding Director (Musical)
Richard Pearson Thomas, Mozart and Salieri
Jono Hustis, Martin Shkreli’s Game
Emilia Lirman, From Russia, With Love
Jay Michaels & Mary Elizabeth Micari, Grey is the New Black
Ovi Vargas, Insomnia

Outstanding Musical Director
Sofia Geck and Fernanda Douglas, From Russia, With Love
James Followell, Insomnia
Matthew Bennis The Nose

Outstanding Sound Design (Play or Musical)
Emily Grayson, The Crusade of Connor Stephens
George Allison & Eric Siegel, Mr. Toole

Outstanding Costume Design (Play or Musical)
Courtney Butt, The Nose
Ellen Pyne, Insomnia
Aaron Crosby, Lam-ang
Took Edalow, The House of the Setting Sun
Sue Rotay, Glockcoma
Anna Foss Wilson, Radon Daughters
Ji Hye Yang, My Friend is a Shoe Burglar

Outstanding Set Design (Play or Musical)
George Allison, Mr. Toole
Michael Grant, The Nose
Nikolay Svirirdchik, Lam-ang
Connor Moore, In the Shadow of a Dream

Outstanding Lighting Design (Play or Musical)
Emily Grayson, The Crusade of Connor Stephens
Kia Rogers, Mr. Toole
Spencer Whale, Insomnia
Megan Horan, Lights
Jono Hustis, Martin Shkreli’s Game

Outstanding Ensemble Performance (Play or Musical)
The Y2K Play
Furniture the Musical
The Crusade of Connor Stephens

Outstanding Choreographer
Starr Leavitt, The Y2K Play
Helana Jang, My Friend is a Shoe Burglar
Ovi Vargas, Insomnia

Outstanding MITF/Variety Performance
M Center Vocals: Grey is the New Black
Amy Oestreicher, Gutless & Grateful
Natalie Lifson, Pleading the First
James Warren: You’ve Been James’d!
Vickie Phillips: A Carousel of Colors with Brel, Weill, and Aznavour

Outstanding MITF/ Solo Show
Born Fat
A Chronic Line

Letters to Zoey
Woman Seeks God

Outstanding Production
The Crusade of Connor Stephens
Mr. Toole
Between Men
My Friend is a Shoe Burglar

Festival Award
(Highest Grossing Festival Show)

Producer’s Award Main Stage Theater (Highest Grossing Show Per Performance)

Producer’s Award Jewel Box Theater (Highest Grossing Show Per Performance)



Dear Friend in the Theatre,

Good News for Equity Showcases!
In the past, the MITF has discouraged Equity showcases from participating in its short-play festivals, because of the number of complimentary tickets required by the Equity showcase code. The Festival, now in its 17th season, is pleased to announce that it has relaxed its policies regarding Equity showcases for short plays. From now on, both union and non-union short plays will be welcome in the upcoming MITF short-play festivals. These festivals occur in March, July, and November, 2016. (There will be no change in the non-union policy for the Short Play Lab.)

Instead of rejecting showcases outright, the Festival will make adjustments to Equity shows' share of the profits, if any, to make up for the extra cost of complimentary tickets.

Our next festival is MITF: Summer, running from July 16-August 7. Please send us your Union and non-union shows!
John Chatterton
Executive Producer, MITF: Spring,
MITF: Summer, MITF: Fall, Short Play Lab

spl short-art

The Midtown International Theatre Festival is proud to present a new lineup of festivals and, in keeping with our stated mission to nurture theatre in New York City and beyond, the festival is delighted to announce there are no participation fees* to submit to any of our festivals! We are truly the festival that cares. We are also expanding to three festivals per year: MITF: Fall; MITF: Spring; and MITF: Summer.

Our next festival is MITF: Summer, beginning July 16th and running through August 7th.

*Please read the Festival Manual to learn about MITF's Profit Sharing Policy (PSP),
the participant's options and our requirements.

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MITF: Fall
Midtown International Theatre Festival
October 26 - November 20, 2016

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The WorkShop Theater's
Jewel Box Theater
312 W 36th Street, NYC

Festival Manual

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ATALANTA by Case Watson, fight choreographer Rocio Mendez, directed by Courtney Self; starring Laurel Andersen, Grace Bernardo, Zelda Gay, Al Patrick Jo, Rocio Mendez, Lynett Vallejo, Blanca Vivancos, and Case Watson. Ovid tells us that Atalanta was the most skillful hunter in all of ancient Greece, until social pressure and a devious plot forced her to accept a husband. By all accounts, her story ends there. But what if this ending were a lie? What if, instead of accepting her fate, she had panicked and fled? (Adventure/Mythology)

Performance Schedule: Tues 11/01, 7:00pm; Sat 11/05, 5:30pm; Sun 11/06, 4:30pm

Running Time: 90 minutes

Venue: Jewel Box Theater, 312 W. 36th Street.

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BREASTLESS by Laurel Turk, directed by Jeannine Haas; starring Laurel Turk, Emily Bloch, Dorian Gregory, and Emily Fox. A powerfully honest exploration of body image and sexuality after breast cancer combining intimate monologues, humorous ensemble scenes, and satirical song and dance. (Drama with Music)

Performance Schedule: Wed 11/16, 8:45pm; Fri 11/18, 7:00pm; Sun 11/20, 3:15pm

Running Time: 60 minutes

Venue: Jewel Box Theater, 312 W. 36th Street.

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CENTENNIAL CASTING by Gino DiIorio and Nancy Bleemer, directed by Alessandro Colla; starring Lou Martini Jr.*, Alicia Harding*, Anthony Patellis*, Janine Molinari*, and Alessandro Cola. For Vincent Didonato, the family’s metal casting shop holds only bolts and nuts. Including the ones he works with. Then a series of photos from lovely New York actresses mistakenly start pouring into his office and he finds one hopeful blonde too irresistible to let slip away. A mad cap plot is hatched when he sets up a fake “casting” for a fictitious film. A hilarious double life begins as show business and sheet metal collide. A clever new comedy that proves sometimes sparks fly in the most unexpected places. (Comedy) *AEA

Performance Schedule: Sun 11/06, 6:30pm; Wed 11/09, 6:00pm; Tues 11/15, 9:15pm
Running Time: 90 minutes
Venue: Jewel Box Theater, 312 W. 36th Street.

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DE PROFUNDIS by Ran Xia. This is the story for the mermaid who longed for sound, an inventor who loved a costume designer, a mysterious seashell collector, and a pair of young lovers in front of an enchanted mirror, looking at things they’re not ready to let go. (Drama)

Performance Schedule: Wed 11/16, 6:00pm; Fri 11/18, 8:30pm; Sat 11/19, 3:45pm; Sun 11/20, 1:30pm

Running Time: 70 minutes

Venue: Jewel Box Theater, 312 W. 36th Street

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FINDING FELLINI by Megan Metrikin; directed by Guy De Lancey; starring Megan Metrikin. In order to escape the brutal reality of apartheid South Africa, a woman journeys to find Fellini and the creativity, freedom, and vibrancy he represented. For an hour, the actress takes us on a journey of poignant, powerful and comic stories of growing up in a conflict ridden country. Intertwined with magical moving images, the journey takes us to Rome on a glorious adventure of self-discovery through the cinematic world of Frederico Fellini. (Solo)

Performance Schedule: Mon 11/14, 8:00pm; Thurs 11/17, 6:00pm; Sat 11/19, 5:30pm

Running Time: 60 minutes

Venue: Jewel Box Theater, 312 W. 36th Street.

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GERMAINE & DIANE by Marlin Thomas, directed by Michael Thomas Cain; starring Ceren Zorlu and Linda Alago. Every photograph hides a story. (Drama)

Performance Schedule: Tues 11/01, 6:00pm; Thurs 11/03, 6:30pm; Sat 11/05, 7:30pm; Sun 11/06, 3:30pm

Running Time: 30 minutes
Venue: Jewel Box Theater, 312 W. 36th Street.

It is wrong to Eat people
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IT IS WRONG TO EAT PEOPLE written and directed by Faith Sanders; starring Faith Sanders, Madalyn Pedone, Michael Ring, and Lizzie Morgan. In a post-apocalyptic world, we are contaminated with the overwhelming desire to consume one another. (Drama)

Performance Schedule: Fri 10/28, 9:30pm; Sat 11/05, 9:30pm; Thurs 11/17, 9:30pm
Running Time: 30 minutes
Venue: Jewel Box Theater, 312 W. 36th Street.
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JULIE by Eddie Shields, directed by Eddie Shields; starring Sarah Elizabeth Bedard, Maria Jan Carreon, and Eddie Shields.* (Inspired by August Strindberg’s Miss Julie). Necessity knows no rules. (Tragedy) *AEA

Performance Schedule: Tues 11/15, 8:00pm; Sat 11/19, 7:00pm; Sun 11/20, 4:45pm

Running Time: 45 minutes

Venue: Jewel Box Theater, 312 W. 36th Street.

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LITTLE INVISIBLE BACKPACKS written and directed by Magdalena Cychowski; starring Jennifer Parkhill, Dylan Arredondo, Wessel van Schaik, Patrick Sweeney, and Magda Cychowski. Losing a parent is a unique form of grief; Jake and Maya must learn how to rebuild and forgive the people they became and are becoming since their mother passed away. (Drama)
Performance Schedule: Fri 11/04, 8:30pm; Sun 11/06, 2:30pm; Tues 11/08, 9:00pm
Running Time: 30 minutes
Venue: Jewel Box Theater, 312 W. 36th Street.

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MESCALINE by Natalie Lifson, composed by Nick O’Brien, directed by Dustin Schlairet, assistant directed by Rebekkah Rosenberg, musical director Emily Goggin; starring Caroline Banks, Ryan Hudzik, Ashley Curry, Nicole Budoff, Paul Snook, and Devin McCall. Mescaline follows the journey of a young sidekick named Ava (also known as Sister Strike) into adulthood and superhero-dom. Her mentor and famed superhero Red Eye insists that before she commits to being a superhero for the rest of her life, she gets a taste of a normal life. However, despite Ava's reluctant attempt to leave crime-fighting behind for four years, it's only a few days before a new villain named Mescaline arrives on campus and begins to kill students by making them hallucinate. For the first time, Ava must fight Mescaline as her own superhero rather than as Red Eye's sidekick. (Drama/Comedy/Superhero) 

Performance Schedule: Fri 11/11, 6:30pm; Sat 11/12, 4:45pm; Sun 11/13, 5:30pm; Mon 11/14, 6:00pm; Sat 11/19, 8:15pm; Sun 11/20, 6:00pm

Running Time: 90 minutes.

Venue: Jewel Box Theater, 312 W. 36th Street.


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PEACE AND QUIET by Alyssa Haddad, directed by Paul Mancini; starring Tom Cappadona, Ginger Grace*, Tom Burka, Kate Greer,* and Lizzy Ana Lincoln. When family patriarch Simon's struggle with Alzheimer's becomes too much, it prompts his wife, son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter to decide what is the best course of action in this dark comedy about family, love, and independence. (Dark Comedy) *AEA

Performance Schedule: Mon 11/07, 6:00pm; Thurs 11/10, 8:00pm; Sat 11/12, 2:45pm

Running Time: 80 minutes

Venue: Jewel Box Theater, 312 W. 36th Street.


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SAVE THE ROBOTS by Jacques Lamarre, Clark Render and Rob Susman, lyrics by Clark Render, music by Rob Susman and Hagatha, directed by David Rigano; starring Matthew Dyer, Kaila Galinat, Olivia Hoffman, Alexander Kass, Lindsay Lavin, and Sandra Lee. The Earth is being menaced by a government controlled by an evil corporation that may, or may not, be under the influence of cannibal alien forces.  Can a narcissistic professor, a sexy scientist and their robot clones save the planet from certain doom? (Sci Fi Musical Comedy)

Performance Schedule: Tues 11/15, 6:00pm; Thurs 11/17, 7:30pm; Sat 11/19, 1:45pm

Running Time: 90 minutes

Venue: Jewel Box Theater, 312 W. 36th Street.


Shields of Blue
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SHIELDS OF BLUE by Bridget Dennin, directed by Bryan Adam; starring Ella Mora, Douglas Cameron Duncan, James P. Stanton, Rob Glascott, Michael Metta, and Ian Potter. The ones closest to us are the hardest to shield. (Drama)

Performance Schedule: Wed 11/09, 8:00pm; Thurs 11/10, 6:00pm; Fri 11/11, 8:30pm; Sat 11/12, 12:45pm

Running Time: 90 minutes

Venue: Jewel Box Theater, 312 W. 36th Street.


The Actual Dance
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THE ACTUAL DANCE by Sam Simon, directed by Kate Holland; starring Chuk Obasi. A graceful and inspiring love story that opens a rare window into the mind and heart of a husband caregiver as his wife confronts her breast cancer and they both discover what love really means. (Solo Show/Drama)

Performance Schedule: Mon 11/07, 8:00pm; Tues 11/08, 6:00pm; Sat 11/12, 8:30pm; Sun 11/13, 4:00pm

Running Time: 60 minutes.

Venue: Jewel Box Theater, 312 W. 36th Street.


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THE ELBISNOPSERS written by Katrin Arefy, directed by Tana Sirois; starring Ann Herberger, Patrick Hamilton, and Shelley Valfer. It's about Barbarians and it's about you! A true story! (Surrealism)

Performance Schedule: Wed 11/16, 7:45pm; Fri 11/18, 6:00pm; Sun 11/20, 12:30pm

Running Time: 30 minutes.

Venue: Jewel Box Theater, 312 W. 36th Street.

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THE FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT by Keith Burridge, directed by Annie Taft; starring Bonnie Roe. Can a woman run the country? 100 years ago, long before Hillary, Woodrow Wilson’s wife concealed his stroke and took over as the first woman President. (Drama/Solo Show)

Performance Schedule: Wed 11/02, 7:00pm; Fri 11/04, 7:00pm; Sat 11/05, 4:00pm; Sun 11/06, 1:00pm

Running Time: 55 minutes

Venue: Jewel Box Theater, 312 W. 36th Street.

Good Life
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THE GOOD LIFE by Joe Hoover, directed by Tom Paolino;* starring Devon Ahmed,* Tyler Brown, and Jessica Ruane.* Tommy's the most virtuous guy in Omaha, and Jane can't take it anymore. (Comedy)*AEA

Performance Schedule: Tues 11/08, 7:30pm; Sat 11/12, 6:45pm; Sun 11/13, 2:15pm

Running Time: 65 minutes.

Venue: Jewel Box Theater, 312 W. 36th Street.

The Storm
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THE STORM by Aleksandr Nicolaevich Ostrovsky, directed by Nikita Betekhtin; starring Valentina Selezneva, Vasilii Molodtcov, Yana Trofimova, Polina Mastepak, Nadezda Larina, Evgeniya Revadenko, Roman Shevchenko, Nikita Betechtin, Andrei Vanin, Daria Bakhareva, Nadezhda Kuvshinova, Aleksei Doronin, Alisa Lisichkina, Anna Mishina, Ekaterina Petrova, and Daniil Andrushchuk. “You will never forget this storm.” (Drama)

Performance Schedule: Mon 10/31, 8:00pm; Wed 11/02, 8:30pm; Sat 11/05, 12:45pm

Running Time: 90 minutes.
Venue: Jewel Box Theater, 312 W. 36th Street.
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WARMTH by Diana Rissetto, directed by Lionel Ruland; starring Diana DiCostanzo, Lev Harvey, Matthew Dean Wood, Stacey Lightman, and Taylor Henkin. Quirky comedy about a young woman who volunteers at an offbeat Holocaust charity. (Comedy-Drama)

Performance Schedule: Wed 10/26, 7:00pm; Thurs 10/27, 6:00pm; Fri 10/28, 7:30pm; Thurs 11/03, 8:30pm

Running Time: 90 minutes

Venue: Jewel Box Theater, 312 W. 36th Street.


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WIMBERLEY by Julia Rae Maldonado, directed by Michael Blatt and Bianca Puorto; starring Peter Ferraiolo and Josh Trant. Set in a small Texas town, Wimberley explores the boundaries of friendship between two former football players after the glories of high school are over. (Drama)

Performance Schedule: Mon 10/31, 7:00pm; Thurs 11/03, 7:30pm; Fri 11/04, 6:00pm; Sat 11/05, 8:30pm

Running Time: 30 minutes

Venue: Jewel Box Theater, 312 W. 36th Street.

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WOMEN OF WILLIAMS COUNTY by Karly Thomas, directed by Emily Lyon and produced by Hedgepig Ensemble Theatre; starring Danielle Cohn, Gwendolyn Kelso,* Olivia Williamson,* Sara Hymes,* Kathryn Neville Browne,* Mary Jo McConnell,* and Tamara Jackson-Morris. Seven of Tennessee Williams' most iconic women trapped in a room together, forced to get along in this hilarious examination of what it means to be the protagonist of your own story;even when you're only written to stay on the sidelines. (Comedy) *AEA

Performance Schedule: Wed 10/26, 6:00pm; Thurs 10/27, 8:00pm; Fri 10/28, 6:30pm; Wed 11/02, 6:00pm
Running Time: 30 minutes
Venue: Jewel Box Theater, 312 W. 36th Street.

John Chatterton presents
Cabaret logo

MITF FALL VARIETY consists of programs featuring traditional cabaret performers, tributes to Broadway musicals, singer-songwriters, variety acts, and a little rock-and-roll.

Running time: 45 minutes

Venue: The WorkShop Theater's Main Stage and Jewel Box Theaters,
312 W. 36th Street, NY

Buy Tickets Here:
VICKIE PHILLIPS: Keeping Alive the Great Music and Vibe of Brel, Weill, and Aznavour by Bob Ost and Vickie Phillips, directed by Bob Ost. With New York Bistro Award winners Vickie Phillips and music director Gerry Dieffenbach who explore the human fragilities of life and sweep their audience on a rapturous carousel ride as they keep alive all the magic of these composers. Encore! (Cabaret)

Performance Dates: Sat 11/05, 2:45pm
Running Time: 45 minutes
Venue: Jewel Box, 312 W. 36th Street.
Buy Tickets Here:
David De Almo: David De Almo is Occasionally Employed by David De Almo, directed by Max Friedman; starring David De Almo. From a Lortel Award-Winning producer of Mike Birbiglia’s “My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend” and “Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King,” and the star of that “Monsters Inside Me” episode where that amoeba eats that girl’s brain, comes the unlikely story of a data analyst who gave up comfort in suburbia to become a Theatrical Producer overnight. (Comedy/One Man Story Telling) *AEA

Performance Dates: Tues 11/01, 9:00pm
Running Time: 45 minutes
Venue: Jewel Box, 312 W. 36th Street.
Buy Tickets Here:
CASSIDY FIONNA LACOLLA: A Night With Fiefie. 17 year old poet Cassidy Fionna LaColla shares her stories with NYC. (Open mic/Poetry)

Performance Dates: Fri 11/04, 9:30pm
Running Time: 45 minutes
Venue: Jewel Box, 312 W. 36th Street.
MITF: FALL/Staged Readings

CIAO BAMBINO Music, lyrics and book by Elizabeth Turner, directed by Eizabeth Turner. Piano and Musical Arrangements by Andreas Häberlin; starring Tia Andriani, Ari Axelrod, Moriel Behar, Ashley Brooke,Gianmarco Colucci, Morgan Daniels, Anna DeBlasio, Lisa Franklin, Andrea Galata, Taylor Johnson, Bob Long, Trevor Nalepka, Liz Pegg, Juliana Phillipi, Elizabeth Turner, Kasey Yeargain, Mijon Zulu. An Italian-American musical filled with love, passion, and laughter that the entire family can enjoy. (Musical)

Performance Schedule: Fri 11/11, 3-5:00pm

Running Time: 90 minutes

Venue: Jewel Box Theater, 312 W. 36th Street.

SOLICITUDES written and directed by Leo Rockas. (Drama)

Performance Schedule: Fri 11/18, 3-5:00pm

Running Time: 90 minutes

Venue: Jewel Box Theater, 312 W. 36th Street.



PROGRAM A (Saturday, Oct 29, 7pm - Sunday, Oct, 30, 4pm)
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dollface dollface by Robert LoManto, directed by Rich Sab; starring Julie Trapanese and Joe DiBartolo.
...I pray the Lord my soul to keep...
Living The Mundane Life by John Ladd, directed by Eileen Walsh; starring Sandra Toll and Don Steup. A glimpse of what happens when you take the hopes and dreams of a hopeful—and possibly even attainable—tomorrow, and turn it inside out.
A Vampire, a zombie and a werewolf walk into a bar by Joe Starzyk, directed by Jake Fisch; starring Joe Firicano, Anna Shields, and Jacob Fisch. Societal expectations can be a lot to handle. Even when you are supernatural or undead, there is no escape.
Witchhazel by Leonard D. Goodisman, directed by Kristofer Kauff; starring Paige Taylor and Jay Cobian. She says the place is haunted; and then he "knows" it is, very haunted.
Happy Halloween, Harry Houdini by Matt Sanders, directed by Liana Afuni; starring Eric Leeb and Jesica Levi. On Halloween, two amateur magicians, Wendell and Mimi, meet at Houdini's grave: will it be trick or treat?
A Bitter Pill by Howard Margulies, directed by and starring David Leeper and Howard Margulies. A Park Avenue physician encounters a new patient in this mordant comedy about the science of modern medicine and the art of sweet revenge. Sometimes, a visit to the doctor’s office can be detrimental to one's health.
One Life at a Time One Life at a Time by Olivia Reevell, directed by Olivia Reevell; starring Gabrielle Adkins, Colin York, Tom O'Boyle, and featuring Arlo and Jules Bernstein. What happens after death? Where do we go? Do we simply return to the earth that made us? Or maybe there is something bigger than that, something that keeps us driving forward in life.
Comford Woman Comfort Woman by Steve Gold, directed by Justin Gallagher; starring Miaojuan Chen, Jose Gamo, and Teruaki Akai. Two lonely people, one World War.
On The Brink of Darkness by Paul Joseph Gulino, directed by Alejandra Venancio; starring Anna Paratore and Kate German. What happens if you have second thoughts about joining a Satanic Cult?
Tricks Tricks by Danielle Fenton, directed by Francesca Rizzo; starring Deirdre Brennan, Tony Mowatt, Ardes Quinn, and Al Sutton. A blind date. Halloween. What could go wrong?
Suspicion Suspicion, Obsession, Paranoia, Marriage by Ivan Faute directed by Christina Ashby; starring Joseph Thomas, Danielle Rabinovitch, DeAnna Supplee, and David Andrew Laws. The world is chock full of threats - Zombies! Aliens! Your Spouse!
Pickup Pickup written and directed by Jessica Pollack; starring Alex Andrews, Rachel Arac, and Brian Weiss. Pickup is an amusing look at the obstacles that New York women encounter daily, in the form of pickup attempts, as they simply try to navigate their lives -- and a look at what that does to our walls, our assumptions and judgments, and how we decide who are the nice guys. 
PROGRAM B (Saturday, Oct 29, 9pm - Sunday, Oct 30, 2pm)
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Edward's Closet by Jenn Dlugos and Charlie Hatton, directed by Johnny Culver; starring Lauren Amick, David Meyers, Eric Leeb, Mike Miller, and Lauren Snyder. All Edward wants is a good night's sleep before his Little League practice, but wayward monsters keep storming out of his closet.

Hook-Up Hook-Up written and directed by Burton Swartz; starring Burton Swartz. Hook-Up is a play about a guy fixing his friend up for a date.
The Double Heart by Renee McNeil, directed by Renee McNeil; starring Robert Bryson and Chelsea Clark. A man receives another part of a heart, but is he capable of living with it?
Three Characters and The Speed of Light by Gloria Craig, directed by Dennis Gleason; starring Edwina Morales, Brett Radek, Cody Jordan, and Dan Cake. Three characters suspended in the spirit world are led to the light after they help a writer complete her 10-minute play.

Lament by Begonya Plaza, directed by Jonathan Libman; starring Cooper Lawrence and Solonje Burns. This is the New York of not too long ago, when same-sex marriage was still illegal, thus encouraging homophobia, and another pretext for hypocrisy and greed. Many states, and countries still ban LGBT rights.

In a World ... Where Donald Trump is President by Lisa L. Kirchner, directed by Charles Sanchez; starring Rosa Chapa, Roberto Tolentino, and Jorge Chapa. In A World… Where Donald Trump is President takes place in a so-called camp along TexMex border, where the Residents have just learned the promise of citizenship has been denied.
She's not the Bride of Frankenstein Anymore by Elaine Alexander, directed by Amy Bennett; starring Anna Rand, Cesar Cova, Pierre Hawley, M.L. Josepher. A newly "single and loving it" Bride Of Frankenstein goes speed dating but soon discovers that the bar scene is a nightmare. 
Eye We Are the Eye written and directed by Natalie Lifson; starring Annaya Baynes, Alison Verdesca, and Megan Pan. Three witches as old as time and as young as newborn babies reflect on the world they once witnessed the birth of and whose death they will also eventually witness.
The Secret Song written and directed by Suzann Capra; starring Emma Kotkin, Gesi Gesterkamp, and Carole Boniece. The spirits are whispering but you can only hear them if you have a secret song.
What Lies In-Between written and directed by Ellany Kincross; starring Ellany Kincross and Alex Katz. Jeremy and Marlena are dealing with an infidelity in their marriage. Is each one of them saying what they truly mean or what they think the other wants to hear?
Buried Buried by Tracey Jane Smith, directed by Stephanie Wilson; starring MacKenzie Jones, Jacob Waldron, and Claire Hayner. The deepest love is the hardest to bury.